Downloadable Bird House Plans

Here are some bird house plans to use for your own backyard habitat.  These are simple plans with all the specifications you need to build your own bird houses.


Downloadable plans for bird houses and nest boxes

Dimensions and placement of different bird houses (64K PDF File)

(This file contains dimensions of houses and hole sizes for many different bird houses.  It also includes suggestions for the best places to put the nest box.)


Kestrel and Screech Owl Nest Box Plans (383K PDF File)

Wood Duck Nest Box Plans (374K PDF File)

Bluebird Nest Box / Bird house Plans (353K PDF File)

Purple Martin House Plans (710K PDF File)

Mallard Nest Cylinder Plans (240K PDF File)

Barred Owl Nest Box Plans (362K PDF File)

Northern Flicker Nest Box Plans (32K PDF File)

Wren, Chickadee, Nuthatch Nest Box Plans (43K PDF File)

Robin, Eastern Phoebe, Swallow Nest Shelf Plans (30K PDF File)

Morning Dove and Mallard Nest Basket Plans (41K PDF File)

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