Northwest Ohio Butterfly Pictures

Everyone loves butterflies and butterfly pictures.  How could you not like a butterfly?  They're colorful, they aren't afraid of humans, and they just kind of float around all day looking for a flower to land on.  Kids like to chase them and they don't bite if you catch one.

Northwest Ohio is best known for its re-established population of karner blue butterflies.  But there are a lot of others here too.  The picture gallery below contains pictures of different butterfly species that can be seen in and around Northwest Ohio.

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Spring Azure Butterfly
Spring Azure
Dark Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (dark female)
Giant Swallowtail
Giant Swallowtail
Spicebush Swallowtail
Spicebush Swallowtail
Cabbage White
Cabbage White
Orange Sulpher
Orange Sulpher
Little Yellow
Little Yellow
Pearl Crescent
Pearl Crescent
Silver Spotted Skipper
Silver Spotted Skipper
Red-spotted Purple
Red-spotted Purple

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Can you identify this one for me?  
I was hoping you could help with the name of this one. Thanks!

Butterfly beauties from Westerville, Ohio 
My husband and I enjoy walking our neighborhood trails. Thanks to the township leaving conservation areas along the trail we have spotted several butterflies …

Backyard Butterfly Bush 
A Monarch,a Red-spotted purple and a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail all in one morning/afternoon in my backyard.

Giant Swallowtail 
Was stopping to take a picture of a huge bee on a flower when I thought I saw a bird out of the corner of my eye. Instead it was a butterfly about the …

Unknown butterfly found in my backyard 
So one day me And my parents noticed something on my neighbors garage...we thought it was a bird but then we realized it was a butterfly of some sort......please …

Unknown Moth 
Found on a piece of plexiglass, allowing photos of underside as well as moving to a location for illumination by setting sun. I remember this lovely moth …

Swallowtail Butterfly 
I snapped this picture of a swallowtail butterfly on my deck. It was just beautiful.

my little pretty my honey found parked in our driveway:-)  
We were getting ready to go do some shopping,just before spring when he spotted this beauty in our drive way. I grow flowers in all my spaces.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
Our yard draws all types of beautiful butterflies.

My kids found these butterflies in our back yard. The picture of the two are a male and female. The picture of the single butterfly is the female. I have …

Several Species of Butterflies in my Yard on my "Butterfly Bushes". 
I live on Eastern Long Island in NY., I had gotten some little sprouts of different butterfly bushes. I planted them 2 Years ago, & this year I am reaping …

Doesn't quite look like a Pearl Crescent 
I thought this was a Pearl Crescent, but the harder I looked the more I doubted. I can't find one in any of our books that looks exactly like this, or …

On June 8 In Burlington Ohio, I foud this butterfly on my porch. Never seeing that before. Have no idea what the name could be.

Sharing the Bloom 
While hiking through Riverbend Park near Findlay, Ohio I noticed this butterfly and honey bee sharing the same wildflower.

My first capture of a Killdeer bird!

Charleston Falls 
Was out walking around with my DSLR and captured this butterfly. But upon returning home I had no luck finding it in any of my field guides.

and the little green bug 
Pearl Crescent butterflies were pestered by the litle fella. But this Crescent would just flap his wings at the small bug. Feeding on the Butterfly Weed. …

Atwood Lake has Eastern Tiger Swallowtails! 
Saturday morning, July 23, I called my dad, John Biechele, in Sandusky, Ohio. We all call him about all animals great and small because he is a bonified …

Many Monarch eggs on same leaf 
Today July 23rd, I checked the milkweed and found many caterpillers on one leaf. Is this common for monarachs? I usually on find one egg on one leaf. …

Eastern Black Swallowtail 
Black Swallowtail nectaring on a Verbena plant in my butterfly garden.

Unknown Butterfly 
I photographed a cream-colored butterfly in the grass at Three Creeks Park, Groveport Ohio. Does anyone know what species this one is? Also caught …

Can you tell me what this is? 
Not much to say, this one just dropped in.

Giant Swallowtail 
Today (9/6/10) was first time I have every seen a Giant Swallowtail in the flower garden.

Butterfly Kisses for Skylar 
Skylar is a 12 year old Sheltie. While visiting the Butterfly House in Alliance Ohio, a Monarch butterfly landed on her nose. I was fortunate enough …

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Butterflies In My Garden 
I like to photograph birds and butterflies. I have a bluebird box in my backyard and have had baby bluebirds two years in a row. So far, 7 babies. I …

Red spotted purple 
This beauty hung around for almost an hour in my garden - plenty of time to run get my camera and catch him from every angle!

Mozart the Silver Spotted Skipper Butterfly "returns" each Spring 
Up until today, I thought this little fellow was a moth. So when I realized he seemed to show up at the same place every year on my deck, last summer I …

Monarch on host plant of Marsh Milkweed 
I always have had Marsh Milkweed in my garden. Beside it having this beautiful flower appearing in the photo looking like glass beads, it is the food …

Unknown Butterfly 
Hi, I really enjoy visiting the natural places of the world and taking pictures of what's there. I live near Kings Island in southwest Ohio and this seems …

What kind of butterfly is this? 
I'm not quite sure what species this is... I haven't seen this one before; photo was taken around in our backyard in New Albany, OH on May 22nd (Northeast …

A Silver Spotted Skipper Up Close and Personal 
Today a Silver Spotted Skipper landed on me twice. The first time my father said it was sitting on my back. The second time it actually landed on …

mourning cloak 
My husband came home from work on 3/31/10 and stated he saw a butterfly near the garage. I was surprised to think butterflies would be here this early …

just dropped in  
another picture from my sister her garden seems to be a stop of for anything

Snack Time 
I tried for many days to catch this dainty little butterfly, as they are so quick in flight. I waited, and waited for this one to land, and finally snapped …

just perfect 
my sister and i share a love of all animals and insects she lives in france and i in england she very often sends pictures of anything that may land in …

Falcate Orangetip 
This is another butterfly that you only see in the Spring, and they stay near wooded areas. If you see something that looks like a small Cabbage White …

City Butterflys 
I grew up in the country when the City of Oregon, Ohio was still a lot of farmland. I was always in the farmer's fields playing and looking at all …

Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis) 
I noticed this little fellow on an echinacea in my backyard in July.

Small blue butterfly 
I was sitting by my fountain and spotted this little butterfly fluttering around, so I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. It has pretty blue on …

Henry's Elfin 
We encountered some Henry's Elfins around Redbud trees in Adams County, Ohio on April 12, 2009. Redbuds are their host plant and they don't go far …

Monarch or Viceroy? 
I often pick up butterflies in the road near our home in southern Ohio. We have 20 acres of woods and brush and often see many types of butterflies. My …

Moth On Car Door Not rated yet
Changing tires yesterday noticed this little fellow. The Sun was on the other side of the car so my wife held a mirror while I snapped this. I don't know …

Red Admiral. Not rated yet
Found this little guy/girl on our porch.

Butler Butterfly Not rated yet
I found this beautiful butterfly along a trail at the Bulter/Mohican KOA during our family camping trip.

Lovely Yellows and Oranges Not rated yet
Again at the Darby Creek Metro Park, this was my first pleasant surprise. I'd forgotten how much life and green was in Ohio, as I've lived in California …

Darby Creek Metro Park Not rated yet
We went there for the first time in July. There were lots of butterflies and dragonflies. This by far had the most beautiful markings, but I wasn't able …

Cabbage white Not rated yet
Who knew these little cuties liked late narcissi?

Meadow Fritillary? Not rated yet
Flower garden July 14, 2012 Berlin Hts. Ohio, Erie County

not sure - viceroy or monarch or something else?  Not rated yet
This butterfly is on a Mexican sunflower. I am wondering about the blue bands on the wings.

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Walking the street of Dayton Not rated yet
I've seen others post photos of the Killdeer birds, but this is my first find. Pretty happy!

Three on one! Not rated yet
Not quite as many butterflies this season as there were last season, but I still see a few on my bushes and flowers.

Tiger Swallowtail Not rated yet
This lovely butterfly visited my flower boxes and graciously allowed me to photograph it.

Snout Nose Not rated yet
I planted a Milkweed Garden last fall and have enjoyed many new visitors to my yard. This being one of them.

Red Admiral Butterfly Not rated yet
Red Admiral butterfly nectaring on butterfly bush.

Great Spangled Fritillary Not rated yet
This butterfly was nectaring on coneflowers in my butterfly garden.

Metallic green bee Not rated yet
I had never seen a metallic green bee but it was very cool:)

Bronze Copper Not rated yet
I enjoy Butterflies almost as much as Dragonflies.

Red Admiral on Coreopsis Not rated yet
So many pretty butterflies this year. I wonder if it has to do with the weather?? It amazes me how different a butterfly will look with wings open and …

Nature's Beauty Not rated yet
I followed this little guy as he flitted from flower to flower!

red admiral Not rated yet
This butterfly was flying around our yard, landing on my daughters head.

Red Admiral Not rated yet
There were three of these in the garden tonight and I was hoping to get a shot of all three together. I can't believe how different they look with wings …

God's encouragement Not rated yet
I picked up photography 3 years ago. My main focus has and continues to be macro-God is in the details. Butterflies are always my first choice because …

A pleasant surprise! Not rated yet
One hot lazy Sunday afternoon I ventured outside to gather an item from my car, when low and behold, I find a beautiful creature feeding upon our Petunias. …

Silver-spotted Skipper Not rated yet
This butterfly kept flying around me one afternoon and landed on my tiki torch outside long enough for me to snap some good shots. It was almost as though …

Buckeye Not rated yet
Picture taken August - Eastern Cincinnati.

Zebra Swallowtail Not rated yet
Photo taken June in Adams county, Ohio.

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