Meadow Trail (Swan Creek Preserve)

The big meadow on the meadow trail
The large meadow along the trail
The meadow trail at Swan Creek Preserve is a nice little stroll.  Swan Creek Preserve is like a natural urban oasis in Toledo.

This trail is only 1.3 miles and easily walked by most people.  It begins near the nature center located by the north parking lot off Airport Highway. 

The trail heads off in to one of the many meadows located along the way (as the name indicates).  From the first small meadow hikers are directed down to Swan Creek where they are greeted by a large swinging bridge.

The swinging bridge is anchored by two mammoth cottonwood trees.  These trees appear to be close to three feet or more in diameter.  The top cable of the bridge is held by bolts that go all the way through each cottonwood tree.  You can see where the tree has grown around the bolts and other parts of the anchor system.

Standing on the bridge provides a very nice view of Swan Creek. 

Once across the bridge the trail heads off along swan creek and its floodplain.  The trail then opens up in to a beautiful meadow area.  If you weren't already familiar with the vast flatlands of NW Ohio you would think this area is all rolling terrain.  That's how this meadow appears.  In September it is full of goldenrod, and various colors and species of aster. 

The trail circles the meadow, goes back across the swinging bridge and heads back to the nature center.

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