Native Northwest Ohio Trees

Pictures, Descriptions, and Listings of Northwest Ohio Trees

Fruit of the Ohio Buckeye Tree
Fruit of the Ohio Buckeye Tree

It’s hard to imagine now, but the state of Ohio was once covered with vast hardwood forests. There were some prairies in parts of the state, like the Oak Openings Region, but most was forest.

Before settlement of the state began in the 1800s it is said that a squirrel could jump from tree to tree and never touch the ground. I don’t know if quite believe that, but the thought paints a pretty clear picture.

The flat terrain and fertile soil of Northwest Ohio resulted in most of the forest being cleared for farmland. Now there are just small sections of hardwood trees scattered among the open fields.


Which ones make the best firewood?


Below are some of the native trees found in Northwest Ohio: 

Buckeye Trees

Ohio Buckeye (The official tree of Ohio)

Yellow Buckeye


Oak Trees

Bur Oak 

Black Oak

Pin Oak

Northern Red Oak

White Oak

Swamp White Oak

Chinkapin Oak


Maple Trees

Red Maple

Silver Maple

Sugar Maple


Sassafras Tree

Dogwood Tree

Black Cherry Tree

Pawpaw Tree

Poplar Tree

Tupleo Tree (Sour Gum)


Sycamore Tree

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