Northwest Ohio Wildflowers

In Northwest Ohio wildflowers range from the very common species to some very rare and unusual species.  Northwest Ohio has many wild flower species that don't grow any where else in Ohio.

The rare ecosystem of the Oak Openings Region is the reason for the many rare wildflowers found here.



Wildflower Pictures and Identification Galleries

Our wildflower galleries are set up to help you identify the different flowers you are likely to see in and around Northwest Ohio.  There are hundreds of different Ohio wildflowers on the following pages.

Since there are too many wildflower pictures to put on one page, the galleries are broken down and grouped by color.  The galleries also specify which Ohio wildflowers are native, non-native, and/or invasive.


Click on the links below based on what color of wildflower you are looking for.


Some of the rare species of Ohio wildflowers found in Northwest Ohio include:

(Click on any image for a larger picture)

Wild Lupine

Wild Lupine (Potentially threatened in Ohio)
Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus (Potentially threatened in Ohio)
Prairie Rose

Prairie Rose (Threatened in Ohio)
Grass Pink

Grass Pink (Threatened in Ohio)
Kalms St. Johns Wort

Kalms St. Johns Wort (Threatened in Ohio)
Wood Lilly

Wood Lilly (Threatened in Ohio)
Blue-Eyed Grass

Blue-Eyed Grass (Endangered in Ohio)


Are you looking for more wildflower pictures?  Visit Nature and Flower Pictures.  Here you will find free pictures that were taken taken in Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia and California.

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