Yellow breasted bird

by Doug
(Lorain, Ohio)

I was cooking breakfast and heard a loud thud, like something ran into my kitchen window. Sure enough, as I looked out and saw a small yellow clump on the sidewalk.

By the time I got outside, the bird had righted itself, but was still very disoriented. I scooped it up and petted it a few times, and it wasn't skittish at all. I set it down and went inside to grab the camera.

He/she posed while I snapped a few. Since I have cats that prey on birds, I set it up into a crab apple tree, but a gust of wind almost made it fall out. I set it down on a vine covered sandstone wall, and hoped it would be alright in a short time. I checked back in half an hour, but it was already gone.

Do you have a name for this bird?

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May 17, 2009
Kentucky Warbler
by: Anonymous


Quoting from "Kaufman's Field Guide to Birds of North America" (An excellent reference book, by the way);

"Oporornis formosus" In leafy woods of the southeast, this shy warbler hops and runs on the ground under dense thickets.
Bright yellow spectacles set off black crown and black whisker mark. Plain olive above, bright yellow below. Young male Common Yellowthroat similar but lacks obvious spectacles.....Song: A rich "turree-turrree-turree". Callnote: loud "chep".

Rare bird around these parts. As Jon said....maybe he's on his way south for the summer.

Great pic by the way.


May 17, 2009
Kentucky Warbler
by: Jon

Hi Doug,

Thank you for submitting the picture of the bird that flew in to your window.

It is a Kentucky Warbler. This is the time of year they migrate north. Hopefully this was just a minor delay in his trip and the cats didn't eat him.



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